2019 Hope Progress Edition

Although everyone already knows that the city of Hope is making greats strides towards progress, we at SWARK.Today believe that it deserves to be highlighted for everyone – citizens and out of towners – to see just how much our city has grown.

In this edition of Hope Progress, you will see what City of Hope officials, business owners, and our very own opinion of what progress has happened in the past year. You’ll find that in each interview there seems to be a common theme – just how thankful each person is for the generosity and support that the citizens of Hope constantly show. Progress is important and talking about it is exciting, but what holds everyone together is each other. The support of the community, of businesses, and from city officials is what makes progress even possible. Everyone works together towards a common goal of improving the city and that’s something that you don’t see everywhere.

According to Mayor Steve Montgomery, this progress is just the beginning, “The ideas for progress have come from the city administrators and the citizens of Hope. It is a shared vision by many. It takes a community working together to make a difference.”

We hope that you enjoy our 2019 Hope Progress Edition and all of the individuals that contributed to making this year’s Progress Edition an amazing record of how wonderful this past year’s progress has been for the city.

To view, please click the links below or head over to any one of these businesses to pick up a copy:

Bob’s Antiques
City Hall of Hope
Elm St. Marketplace
Farmers Bank & Trust
First National Bank of Tom Bean
Heather Manor Rehabilitation
Hempstead County Library
Herndon-Fuqua Funeral Home
Hope Furniture Outlet
Hope Haven
Hope Nutrition
Hope-Hempstead Chamber of Commerce
Jeff’s on Main
Maverick Floors
Montgomery & Burke Attorneys at Law
One | 24
Pafford Medical Services
Picket Fence
Rainbow of Challenges
Still’s Auto
The Studio


2019 Hope Progress Edition PDF

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