2019 Readers’ Choice

Businesses and organizations of Hempstead County offer much more than just a service or product. Unlike other places you might go, these places of Hempstead County offer unique experiences for each individual by treating people with great care. That’s part of what makes Hempstead County such a wonderful place, along with its people of course.

This year we at SWARK.Today want to give recognition to those that YOU find the best of the best in what they do. We are hosting a Readers’ Choice for our readers to decide who deserves to be awarded the best in their selective category. We have multiple categories for each type of place so we can ensure that we cover as many as possible.

Voting will end July 5th, so be sure you VOTE NOW!



  1. Only one submission per email address
    2. Ballot must be at least 50% completed to be counted
    3. SWARK.Today will, at it’s discretion, eliminate any questionable ballots
    4. Ballot must include name and email address to be counted
    5. By submitting a ballot, you consent to SWARK.Today’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
    6. All decisions are final and will be announced by SWARK.Today in July, 2019
    7. Voting begins June 21, 2019 and ends at 12pm on July 5, 2019


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