2021 Hope Progress Edition – Progress in the Midst of Pandemic

Although everyone already knows that businesses in the City of Hope are making great strides towards progress, SWARK.Today believes that it deserves to be highlighted for everyone – especially after the trying year 2020 brought us.

Our city has grown and thrived despite the global pandemic and, in this edition of Hope Progress, you will see just how thankful the City of Hope officials and business owners are for the generosity and support that the citizens of Hope constantly show. Progress is important and talking about it is exciting, but what holds everyone together is each other. Everyone working together towards the common goal of lifting one another up, continuing to improve the city and supporting local businesses is what made this progress possible and that is something that you don’t see just anywhere.

We hope that you enjoy reading this amazing record of how wonderful this past year’s progress has been for Hope, our local businesses and how they all strived to overcome the difficulties of 2020.

You may pick up your very own printed copy at the Hope Chamber of Commerce, the Hempstead County Library or any of the businesses listed inside the Progress Edition or click the image to view online.

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