2023 Hope-Hempstead County Progress Edition: A Formula for Progress

Click the image above to view the 2023 Hope Hempstead County Progress Edition

The last year has been an amazing year of growth and progress for so many people, businesses, and organizations in Hope and Hempstead County. As we began conducting interviews and visiting people around town to put together this edition, we noticed something very special that the citizens of our communities have in common: a shared sense of community strength and pride. Progress isn’t only measured in size and dollars; it is also the collective accomplishment made by friends, neighbors, and community members striving toward a mutual goal. In this, all of us in Hope and Hempstead County have made huge strides over the last year.

Click the image above to see some of the incredible achievements made over the last year in the 2023 Hope-Hempstead County Progress Edition. Or you make pick up your printed copy at any of the advertisers listed in the edition, the Hope Chamber of Commerce, the Hempstead County Library or our offices at 215 South Main.

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