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365 Days of Jesus

Most of you know that I’m a car guy. I’m not into racing or show stuff. I just love building and driving old rigs. I’ve pulled them out of fields, barns, ditches and junkyards. There are few thrills that compare to starting up an old beater that’s been sitting for years and driving her around the block. I love to read about old cars, watch videos about them and talk to other builder/drivers. A few years ago, I stumbled across a blog titled “365 days of A.” This guy bought and committed to driving a Ford Model A for an entire year. He wanted to see if it was possible to drive one regularly in modern traffic and all-weather conditions. (He lives in Michigan.) If he’s anything like me, I think he wanted to prove the reliability and function-ability of these older vehicles. I get a big kick out of taking day trips in my old stuff. My kids aren’t too impressed with a non-AC trip, so we don’t usually do anything longer than a day. No vacations in the old Mustang! The idea of daily driving old stock intrigued me years ago. I think the 365 guy was in the same spot.

Why would I say this here? To say this: lots of people walk away from Christianity because they assume it is too difficult. They don’t want anyone ‘meddling’ in their business. They don’t like the idea of being ‘tied down’. Traditions don’t pique the interests. These are all reasons I’ve heard over the years. Philosophy has taught us that religion is an outdated phenomenon. It would quickly say that God is dead and anything connected to Him must have long since passed its shelf life. People assume we are hanging onto something just because it feels good or because our grandparents hung onto it. Assumptions never lead to solid conclusions.

What we know is this: those who choose this life in Christ need to live so that others can see the difference.  So many think this is fake. We need to live so that people can see Jesus is real. So many think this is in our heads. We need to live so that the world can see we didn’t invent the whole Jesus-is-God thing. Would you be up for a 365 Jesus challenge?

What I’m thinking is this: establish some basic ground rules/boundaries and commit to walking our relationship with Jesus out publicly in a way that is noticeably different from the rest of the world. Ground rules might sound like: clean speech, compassionate attitudes and servant’s hearts; daily Bible intake, a consistent pattern of prayer and regular Church participation; a commitment to practicing faith, accepting grace and embracing love. These are just some basics of our relationship with God. If we can’t agree to something like this, we probably don’t agree on who Jesus is and why He came.  For example, if you think Jesus is just your buddy who doesn’t care what you do or who you do it with as long as you wear His T-shirt, we don’t agree and you probably aren’t interested in my proposal. If the Church is something you are a part of just because it’s always been there like the Thanksgiving turkey, again, we probably don’t agree and you probably aren’t interested. But if your relationship with the Lord is real, if you know the deep, significant ways He has rescued you and raised you up, let’s talk.

What does Jesus mean to you? When you think about your relationship with the Lord, what comes to mind? Are you overwhelmed by His grace, the ways He has forgiven you? Are you struck by the way His love never gives up? Do you long for more of Him? If so, you are in the boat with 99% of the rest of Christianity. Don’t loose heart! Just like it’s natural and good for a son to want to be more like his dad, so it is good for us to want more of Jesus. Now, the question remains, are you willing to allow the world to see Him in you? Your relationship with Jesus was never meant to stay just between you and Him. The last thing He said to His first disciples had to do with telling the whole world everything He had shown and taught them. Those instructions and His heart haven’t changed in the last two millennia. Neither has our reticence changed. Are you willing to step out there?

The guy with the Model A hasn’t changed any lives. My passion for old cars is fun, but not eternal. If even half of us who say we love Jesus decide to allow Him to live through us in a way thar is visible to the questioning outside world, eternity will be much affected. What will you do? Will you step into this?

If this is a challenge you’d be willing to accept, let me know: [email protected]. I’d love to encourage you along the way! Jesus has changed our lives from the inside out. Let’s tell the world!

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