7 Year Old Answers The CALL with Her Original Grinch Design

It all started with a picture Michelle Hunt, owner of Rae-Tays in downtown Hope, posted on Facebook. The cutest sketch of the grinch drawn by her very own granddaughter, Harper Jester, a second grader at Spring Hill School.

Hunt, along with her daughter, have their own personal clothing brand, Gypsy Laundry. They began to get many requests to print Harper’s grinch sketch on a shirt. So from there the idea was born to not only place the image on a shirt but on tote bags, ornaments and sweatshirts, sell them in store at Christmas open house and donate the proceeds to a good cause.

Harper’s mother, Taylor Jester said, “Originally, Harper wanted something pretty for her room, she always wants me to put things on cups or shirts for her because she knows that’s what I do so I said well, okay we can do that. She didn’t think anyone would like it or that it was good enough so we told her about the CALL, what it was about and I thought she was going to start crying. Harper said, yes, that’s what I want to do, I want to help the kids.”

The CALL is an organization dedicated to educate, equip and encourage the Christian community by providing a hope and a future for children in foster care in Arkansas. They do this with the help of local churches that recruit, train and support families and volunteers.

Dixie Coffee, The County Coordinator of The CALL of Hempstead and Nevada County said, “We are delighted that Harper chose to answer the CALL to help support foster children because we have over forty children in foster care in Hempstead and Nevada counties.”

Seven year old Harper, when asked what she thought about the impact this could make for the children in foster care said, “I’m very excited and I’m going to make more drawings like this one.”

So when you’re downtown tomorrow shopping around, be sure to stop by Rae-Tays, located at 208 S Main and pick up your grinch merch or you can order on their Facebook page HERE

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