A Call To Service: Hope Junior Auxiliary

“If anyone has ever felt the call to serve, or a passion for helping children, the time is now.” This is the message Holli Boyett, Public Relations team member for Hope Junior Auxiliary, shared about the organization beginning its new year and recruiting additional members. The Hope Junior Auxiliary (JA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the children and youth of the community. These ladies provide many services for the local children including literacy programs, scholarships, food drives, wellness programs, and much more. In addition to meeting those educational and physical needs of children, JA also offers fun and inspirational activities by sponsoring events like the annual JA Easter Egg Hunt. They also participate in community events like providing a booth with temporary tattoos for the kids at the local car shows and Independence Day celebrations.

The list is long when measuring what motivates and inspires these ladies to answer the call to serve. Who better to share than the JA members themselves?

Sharon Caldwell, Active Member: “My mother was in Junior Auxiliary and I watched her involvement and enjoyment. Later in life I was invited to join and the inspiration to help the children of Hempstead County was very inspiring to me. I’m in my fifth year and would not trade the experience at all. The joy of helping our community fills my heart.”

Priscilla Johnson, Lifetime Member: “I joined JA because I thought it would be a neat opportunity to meet people and to be more involved in the community. Throughout my membership, I learned that JA is so much more than it appears to be. JA does fun stuff for kids in the community like the Easter egg hunt, but my favorite part of JA is the stuff that is done behind the scenes. JA often steps up and provides clothes for kids in need and pays bills for families when they are behind or going through a life-changing event. I think the small things that JA does for the families in our community, something as simple as a gift card for groceries, are the things that really makes JA a wonderful organization to be a part of. “
Lindsey Johnson, Active Member: “I first heard about JA of Hope when I was awarded the JA of Hope scholarship as a senior in high school. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be able to give back and here I am beginning Year five of Active Service. I joined JA bc I wanted to give back to an organization who gave to me. I did not know how much JA of Hope really does until I was fortunately able to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

There are similar stories of inspiration from all the JA ladies; however, they all share one common motto. The JA motto “Care today – Character tomorrow” represents their belief that by enhancing the lives of the local youth, these healthy, safe children become the productive, caring adults of tomorrow. The Hope Junior Auxiliary is recruiting now for the upcoming year and asks that anyone who shares this belief and is interested in more information about joining the organization, reach out to them through their Facebook page.

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