Daily Devotionals

A Christian Voter Guide

Daniel Bramlett

This is probably not what you think. It is very hard in our heightened political world to gain voter information that is not slanted one way or the other. Obviously both sides want to win. Obviously both sides are going to print a glowing report of their own work and the most sinister report of the opposing candidate’s accomplishments they can muster. We have a President now that has worked very hard at identifying with the Christian segment of our society. Much of his leadership brought ‘wins’ for this group. But that must not be the only option we weigh as we think about who we will vote for as our new President.

Here’s my voter guide. Are you ready? PRAY. Begin by thanking God for a country that allows the Gospel to move freely enough and gives Churches an autonomous stance. For our part democracy has worked pretty well. We are certainly not immune to the human element, for democracy has also allowed slavery, but I think you get the point. We have been given the freedom to worship as we choose and this has led many millions of people throughout our history who have called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and given their lives to further His Kingdom. But as you pray remember that democracy is not the only government through which the Gospel can move.

As believers we never want our own perspective to drive our vote. No matter how much we read, watch and research we will never see the entire picture. We can either resign ourselves to making an educated guess, just vote with the party or seek the Lord as to His plans for our country. Those are our only options.

Think about biblical Israel. They were never a democracy. Their government was a Theocracy, or a government that is ruled solely by God. But as they rebelled their form of government changed to a monarchy or one that encorporates a king as its highest ruler. As time went by and Israel continued to rebel God handed His nation over to a despot ruler from a nation that was as far from a theocracy as you can get. Babylon was the antithesis of Israel but for a time in their history Babylon was the nation of choice. No God-fearing Israelite would have looked at Nebuchadnezzar and said “He’s my pick for our next King!” But God sure chose him. And God used him and others to shape Israel for their return to their own land. Certainly throughout history God has used all types of governments for His purposes and plans.

Thankfully, we do not have a Nebuchadnezzar in the running for President this year. What we do have is believers on all sides voting for a candidate they believe is right. I have some issues that I believe are very important; issues that I believe are near to God’s heart. But I am not alone in this. We have voters in every party seeking Christ and voting their conscience. What I believe is more important than voting party lines is whether or not you and I are seeking the Lord about our voting to begin with. Let me tell you a story.

When I was in High School I went to Boys State. I went with full intentions of wining the Governor’s spot! I had cards printed and posters made. I was ready. Before the first day was over it was clear that I was not going to be the Governor. I ended up winning the Lt. Gov. office and was super excited to get it. I learned a lot about politics that week. I learned I wasn’t the only well intentioned, passionate person vying for an office. I learned I was not God’s gift to the political world. I learned that politics is hard work. But the most important thing I learned is that God is the One who directs the outcome.

If we want to be heard, for our ‘issues’ to become priority, then we take them to Him. The party will never completely satisfy. We will always come up empty handed if we rely fully on any group of people to solve all of our problems. On the other hand, God may be up to something in the election process we never dreamed possible. He has used wild cards, rogue candidates and hard hearted individuals before to accomplish His purposes! The short answer to this long article is to VOTE. Don’t put off your civic responsibility because your vote ‘won’t matter’ or because you don’t have time. There are plenty of ways to accomplish the task. Get it done. But don’t just vote. Pray and then vote. Ask the Lord the direction He would have us go this November and walk that way. If that means going against your party, you’ve done worse before. God offers us the only hope we could want. No debate, party platform or economic reform can promise us that. God’s hope for America. That’s what we want to vote fo

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