Daily Devotionals

A cry of desperation

Week of October 17

Courtesy: Daniel Bramlett
Most times when I read the Bible I feel a myriad of emotions. The first emotion that usually sweeps my heart is helplessness. Something like, “I can’t do this! O God, help me!” Then I begin to feel the strength of the Holy Spirit pick up my soul and remind me of His ability to accomplish in and through me what I could never accomplish on my own. The next emotion I feel is joy. “Thank you, God, for rescuing me!” As I gain God’s heart for my life and the lives around me the next emotion I feel can be described as a deep longing. I see the world as the Bible describes it: in deep darkness. It is yearning for Light but does not know where to find Him. It doesn’t even know the Light is a Him!
There is a word in Bible that encapsulates this great longing. The word is desperation. We see it over and over in the Biblical characters as they cry out to God for rescue, answers, and aid. We feel their emptiness as they face obstacles and day to day situations. They chose again and again to turn to God instead of trying to press on in their own strength and ability.
We are a people of great ability. We’ve proven that. We have an incredible amount of innate strength. Our creative skills are amazing. But we are not God. We are not asking Him to come alongside us as our assistant. As great as our abilities may be, His are greater. If we long to see sweeping renewal in our land, homes, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses it will not be because we pull ourselves up and make it happen. True renewal can only come as the people of God fall on their faces before the Throne of Heaven in desperation.
A cry of desperation can be uttered at any time. Will you cry out to God today for personal and city wide renewal? Will you choose to ask Him to fill you with His Spirit for His own purposes? Feel His grace today and trust Him to lift you up.

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