A Fork or Pie in the Face

The Hope Police Department held their “Pie an Officer in the Face” fundraiser today to benefit their yearly Santa Cop Program.

The Santa Cop Program allows the department to give back to the community by helping families that are less fortunate during the Christmas Holiday. Through officers interactions with citizens of Hope they have gathered a list of families that are in need this season.

Because of Covid-19, the department had to get creative to maintain the amount of donations so they can help each family that has been nominated.

In place of their annual softball tourney that they were unable to hold due to Covid-19, they decided to have ‘pie” instead.

They had five participants, Chief J. R. Wilson, Lieutenant Jimmy Courtney, CIA Division, Davie Jones, School Resource Officer, Hunter Haliday, who stood in for Sergeant Daniel Oller, Corporal Justin Dean and an official pie thrower, Mayor Steve Montgomery.

Out of those five, Lieutenant Courtney, Corporal Dean and CIA Division, Davie Jones took pies to the face with Chief J. R. Wilson taking an honorary pie to the face.

All who attended had tons of fun and lots of laughs watching Mayor Montgomery smash pies in the officer’s faces.

You can watch the “Pie an Officer in the Face” fundraiser on The Hope Police Department’s Facebook page HERE

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