A Place Called Hope Keeping Community Spirit Alive

All over town local business owners and their faithful patrons are doing their best to follow social distancing measures set forth by Governer Asa Hutchinson. Masks and gloves along with many other precautions are now the new normal during this unprecedented time. Even so, community spirits are at an all time high with everyone joining together adjusting accordingly to make this place called Hope a place of not just hope but a place of faith, hope and prosperity.

Red Ribbons tied on doors and signs of businesses abound signalling the day when we will return to business as usual, pinic tables have been placed outside of local eateries so the public can enjoy their lunch or dinner in a social distance setting while still able to visit with friends and colleagues, and even though limits are being placed on the amount of customers allowed in some establishments, curbside pick up is always an available option. Many businesses are catering to other businesses, sending food, supplying neccesary materials and creating that hometown spirit Hope, Ar. is known for.

The people of this town have a spirit like no other, a spirit of togtherness, a spirit of pride, a spirit of community and hope and it is that fearless faithfilled spirit that will see us through these trying times. From the champions on our front lines; our doctors and nurses, the pharmacy personnel, our EMT crews to the the staff preparing our meals or the associates behind registers in our stores and our boutiques, each are doing their due dilligence to “Keep Hope Alive.”

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