A Sign of Hope

In the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 these past three months, times have been hard for many to stay positive and hopeful while we continue to maintain social distance guidelines. Here in the south, we need hugs and human interaction filled with encouragement, hope and love.

Even though we’ve been in the depths of a crisis, there’s always hope on the horizon. One of those came to us yesterday after a nice shower fell from the sky, a magnificent rainbow could be seen in the most strategic places all throughout Hope and Hempstead County.

Rainbows symbolize peace, serenity and hope, feelings that usually follow after we see that incredible arc of colors in the sky. In the Bible, in Genesis after God floods the earth, He gives the sign of a rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again. He gives the promise of hope.

Pictures of this perfectly timed rainbow surfaced on Facebook by multiple persons and attracted some much needed positive attention. Reminding us once again that after every storm, there’s always a rainbow.

Photo credits: Ashely Anne Coile, Jordan Mitchell Harding, Sharae McKee, Lydia Huddleston, Tracy Canning, Mandi Ramsey, Boil Weevil Pawn Superstore, Hope Chamber of Commerce.

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