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A Simple Conversation about a Complicated Topic

Daniel Bramlett

With Valentines just around the corner I would like for us to talk about some of the love hurdles that our culture is introducing to the Christian conversation. Today we will talk about gender and the Bible. Next week we will take a look at the basic needs of men and women, particularly as they pertain to attraction. And the week after Valentines we will unpack the biblical understanding of love. I am not beginning this conversation to exclude anyone. If you feel that way I would encourage you to examine your own heart before you get mad at me. I am hoping this conversation will open lines of communication instead of close them. 

When we talk about gender issues today it is impossible to only talk about male and female. Not that they are the authority but Facebook identifies 52 genders, to be precise. The norm today is to say that gender is not based primarily on the sexual organs you are born with, rather the way you feel you should be regarded. Thus our world has many born men that identify as women, vice versa and many more combinations that honestly are as diverse as the human imagination. 

One word captures the gender conversation today and that is CONFUSION. No matter where you are on the spectrum you must agree this is reality. A decade ago most gender change was associated with past abuse, but not today. Today parents are advocating for their child’s sex change as early as 5 with some parents giving their children puberty blocking medicine so the child will not develop as he or she was naturally intended. Pediatricians argue that most of these conflicting gender identities will change as the child grows. As long as feelings are allowed to be the defining factor in issues as diverse and deep as gender identity we will see this downward spiral continue. Is there any feasible end to this confusing gender conversation? If we are to find an end, an answer to the questions, we must seek out an authority.  

God’s word is the absolute authority on the issue of gender. This is not a new revelation. For 2000 years Gods Word has been a solid decision maker. Its position of authority has guided us through some very dark times. It has yet to be debunked from a scientific position and that includes the question of gender. Will we let it take the front seat today or will we allow our feelings to continue to drive us into more confusion?

We don’t allow feelings the driver’s seat in any other area of our life. We don’t say “I don’t feel like stopping at the stop sign” or “I feel like murdering someone today” and then act on those feelings. You may say those choices affect others and gender choices only affect the person in question. But that isn’t true. Gallup says 4.5% of Americans identify as LGBTQ but 100% of the population is now facing their decisions as the norm for everyone. I have to answer these questions for my kids and you do too. If the Bible is still the deciding voice for believers why don’t we see what it says?

The Bible never speaks of any other gender than male or female. This is not because God is old fashioned. Nor is it because gender issues didn’t exist in those days. The authority says gender is not an issue because God defined it. “Male and female He created them” is the language used in Genesis 1. But that’s not all that is said. The writer also says God created them (us) in His image. The word image does not imply hair color or skin tone. This word is much broader. It refers more to character, the ability to choose righteousness, the responsibility of bearing holiness. And it is solid in the issues of sexuality. Those things never change: Godly marriage is always one man and one woman. Polygamy is never condoned. Adultery is always condemned. And the worship of sexuality, what most of us know as pornography, is always the antithesis of God worship. Why? Because it focuses the attention on man instead of God. Let me say that one more time, any sexual issue, be it gender dysphoria or pornography, exists because humanity has chosen to make itself the authority instead of its Creator. Thus the heart of the confusion.

I believe the root of the gender discussion is a problem with the mirror. We are spending too much time looking at ourselves and not nearly enough time looking at God. Even though we are made in His image we still have to look to Him to find our heading. The more we gaze at our ‘beauty’ the more confused we become; the more we will think that we are in charge; the less we will actually be in charge of anything.

I challenge you this month of Valentine sharing to look to your first and truest love. God has shaped your heart for His glory and your schedule for His time. Will you give Him His due? If gender confusion is a topic in your conversation box make yourself a promise. Stop looking at yourself as the primary answer giver and take a look at your Creator. I don’t have all the answers but He does! Try asking Him for an explanation and see if your confusion doesn’t begin to make sense again. Prayer isn’t the answer to all your problems but it certainly is a great start! See you next week…

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