A Wonderful Day At Northside Park: HOPE For The Kids Fun Day

What an inspirational sight it was to observe the HOPE For the Kids Fun Day at Northside Park in Hope today. This function was entirely free for local families who could bring their kids out for fun, games, music, food, and more. This entire event was a great example of small-town charm and how a community’s dedication to each other can bring about generosity and fellowship. 

Childrens’ smiles and laughter were in abundance during Fun Day. With a waterslide, bounce house, laser tag, nerf toys, water shooters, and the Northside playground equipment, the kiddos never ran out of entertaining activities. In between the fun games, they could grab a juice and a bite to eat while listening to festive music, or they could join in the dancing under the pavilion. Northside Park was brimming over with cheer. One local citizen shared with SWARK.Today, “My kids are having a blast! This party was such a nice thing to do for the kids.”

The HOPE For The Kids Fun Day was hosted by Tyler Dixon who said his goal was always to come back to his hometown and help provide positive change. Dixon shared with SWARK.Today his excitement over the day’s turnout. “It was nothing less than amazing,” said Dixon. “Especially considering this was the first event, I think the day turned out great and the kids had a wonderful time.” 

Dixon said contributions by many members of the community assisted in making this day a success. Decosta Holyfield provided the entertainment, Nick Washington prepared the food, Chuck Berry donated juice and water, Beno Young donated the use of his grill, Brandon Smith provided the videography, and Jerald Smith provided the recreational activities. Dixon said the help of his family and fraternity brothers had a huge part in making today’s event possible. 

The city’s finest also turned up to contribute to fun. The Hope Fire Department brought a truck for the kids to admire and the firemen played some games with them. Pafford Medical Services was there with an EMS truck, as well, and brought jump ropes and sunglasses to pass out to the children. Hope Police Officer Justin Dean was on the scene with his car and treats; he also had juice boxes as part of Operation Juice Box, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Boys and girls alike marveled at the cool emergency vehicles and their flashing lights.  

If one was to measure the success of the HOPE For The Kids Fun Day, the light in the children’s eyes, the squeals from the water slide, and the chuckling from the bounce house could have said it all. Moreover, the work behind the scenes and kind contributions of so many represent the camaraderie of a community working together to provide a celebration for the local youth. Most of all, though, something of substance was witnessed at Northside Park today. An example was set. Graciousness and generosity can go a long way and make a significant impact in the lives of others. As Tyler Dixon said in his invitation to the community, “Let’s come together and celebrate our youth because this is where it all starts, When we give back, they can give back, too!” They have already started to give back. For all those present to witness the absolute joy of the children and the kindness of fellow citizens, it was a wonderful day at Northside Park.

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