AEDI survey results to be unveiled at Tuesday night meeting

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
For weeks a well-publicized community-wide survey has been touted and promoted throughout Hope and Hempstead County. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, the results are scheduled to be unveiled to the public in a special community meeting at Hempstead Hall starting at 5:30 p.m.
Hempstead EDC Executive Director Steve Harris confirmed the meeting was a go on Monday morning; Harris said that approximately 1,100 surveys were submitted, although a portion were deemed incomplete and unusable.
Harris said meeting would be facilitated by the same Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) team that was in Hope a few weeks ago, including April Campbell and Jim Youngquist.
“They will be presenting the results, and they will also present some economic data and statistics about our area,” Harris said.
Harris said he expected there would be some interaction with the AEDI team at the community meeting about the results, but he also said, “The meeting should be from about 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.”
From the results, Harris said the next step would be the formation of various task force-like community committees, each set to focus on a particular area or topic of interest identified by the survey.
“Those committees will be formed, and then, they will get to work,” Harris said.
Previously, Campbell herself said that following the public results of the survey that the next step would be formation of five or six community tasks forces. The task forces will accept applications for membership, and then, will subsequently meet regularly throughout the year.
Campbell said AEDI’s goal will be to help facilitate the process, which will eventually lead to specific community goals and a five-year strategic plan.

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