AG Rutledge: Summary of Opinions Released

In your opinion, is the Washington County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC) an advisory board or a governing body?

Q2) If it is your opinion that the CJCC is advisory, if the CJCC comes to the Washington County Quorum Court for funding to implement any of the recommendations of the Criminal Justice Assessment (CJA) study, will that make it a de facto governing body, subjecting it to the open meeting law under FOIA?

Q3) In your opinion, does having decision-making representatives on the board make it a governing body?

Q4) In your opinion, if the CJCC board takes steps to carry out any or all of the recommendations from the National Center for State Courts’ CJA, will it be a governing body under our FOIA laws? 

RESPONSE:  While you frame your questions around the FOIA, the scenario you pose would be more directly governed by Ark. Code Ann. sec. 14-14-109. That provision requires that meetings of county boards, like the one you describe here, be public.

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