AG speaks on scams, drugs, finances

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge spoke at Hempstead Hall Tuesday touching on a variety of topics that she is working to improve. Rutledge spent a significant amount of time explaining the issues

involved with identity theft and how people can protect themselves.
She stressed that her office is the place that can help people who have been the victims of scams and have lost money.
“Our office is the one who got her money back for her,” Rutledge said referring to a case of which she had been directly involved. “Many people don’t know all of the things that our office handles.”
She then talked about the prescription drug epidemic and asked that people take advantage of the events that dispose of drugs that are no longer used or needed in people’s homes.
“Just as we keep bleach and household products where children can’t reach them, we need to keep prescriptions where teenagers can’t get to them,” she said.
She handed out literature on each subject she talked about to make sure Arkansans know about the resources offered. She also spoke about coping with financial hurdles and provided literature and resources on that subject

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