Almost $20,000 of “Movie Money” Confiscated in Prescott

Prescott Police Department and Nevada County Sheriff’s Office have taken more movie prop money off the streets after the departments executed search warrants in Prescott on Tuesday.

According to Prescott Police Chief Joey Beavers, law enforcement became aware of the cache of fake money as the result of a domestic violence call Prescott Police officers responded to. At the call, officers arrested Robert Block. While booking him and going through his belongings, officers found 5 counterfeit $100 bills that were marked as prop money for motion picture, similar to what Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton recently warned the public about.

Chief Beavers said an investigation into the fake bills found on Block led to information that there was a large amount of the “motion picture” currency at a residence in Prescott. Search warrants were obtained for the vehicle and residence of Anthony Warren of Prescott.

According to Beavers, Prescott Police and Nevada County Deputies executed the warrants at Warren’s residence where they located $18,700 in prop $100 bills.

Warren was taken into custody. He and Block were both charged with forgery 1st degree. Chief Beavers said more arrests related to the fake cash are expected.

Chief Beavers said that, other than the “motion picture money” tag on the bills, the look of the fakes is spot on to the real thing but the feel of them is not right. Beavers said the bills have a glossy, wax-like feel to them when in relatively new condition but may not be as obvious to the touch if they have a bit of wear to them.

The fake currency was purchased online, according to Beavers. He said that with what they recovered from Block initially and what they located at the house, all but about $800 is accounted for. Beavers said there has been some circulate through local businesses and he warns the public to be vigilant about the currency that is passed to them.

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