ARDOT’s Statements Regarding the Victory of Issue 1


“The yes vote on Issue 1 shows that Arkansas citizens see the value of a strong road and highway system. We thank them all for their support and trust.

I would like to thank Governor Asa Hutchison for his work to help fund much needed improvements to the state’s road and highway system.

With this passage of Issue 1, we will move ahead with the road and bridge work we promised to do.

The Arkansas Highway Commission and ARDOT look forward with anticipation to the future where we have the resources to provide Arkansans with safe, smart and efficient roads and bridges.”


“The passage of Issue 1 is truly a victory for the State of Arkansas.  The continued investment and progress in our roads will increase safety and mobility and provide economic opportunities for generations to come.  This success is due to a strong collaboration by all stakeholders.

First and foremost, thanks to Governor Asa Hutchinson for his vision for the future when he unveiled his Long Term Highway Funding Plan in 2019 and his continued support and leadership.  His legacy will not be forgotten.

Thanks to the leadership of Representative Jeff Wardlaw and Senator Lance Eads for being the lead sponsors for the legislation that resulted in Issue 1.

Thanks to the Good Roads Foundation and the Roads and Bridges Coalition for their vital support that was crucial to this victory.

And last but not least, thanks to Arkansas’ voters for understanding the value of good roads. 

In 2012, 58% of voters approved a temporary ½ cent sales tax for a set of state highway widening projects that were clearly defined.  This provided ARDOT an opportunity to prove that we can deliver what we promise, and I am proud to say we have done just that.  ARDOT is well on the way to accomplishing what we promised in 2012 and will do so ahead of schedule.  This paved the way for Issue 1, which allows for the continuation of the ½ cent sales tax.

ARDOT considers the approval of Issue 1 a vote of confidence from all Arkansans.  We are committed to delivering the Renew Arkansas Highways program as promised and doing so efficiently and effectively.  Thanks to everyone for giving ARDOT the resources needed to meet the public’s expectations and make the State Highway System the best it can possibly be.”

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