Area students participate in 2019 SWAEC Vlog Competition

Today over 80 students from our surrounding school districts participated in the 2019 SWAEC Vlog Competition. This is a completion for 5th – 8th grade students to see who can create the best “vlog” after choosing a topic from a list of given topics which center around student voice. Once again, we were blown away by how creative, knowledgeable, and tech savvy our students were. We are so proud of all of the student teams that submitted vlogs to the competition. The team of Paul Antley, Grace Williams, Lacey Cruz, and Chloe Gold from Blevins won the fifth grade division. The team of Aidyn Fulton, Benjamin Web, Kade Wyman, Jackson Putz, and Alyssa West from Blevins won the sixth grade division, and where our overall winners of the competition. The team of Carlee Glass, Caytlee Poole, Abby Rothenberger, Kensley Chalmers, and Alyson Frias from Prescott won the seventh grade division. Lastly, the team of Savanna Langston, Aniyah Muresan, and Baleigh Laughard from Blevins won the eighth grade division. Thank you to all of the participants and their schools for the brilliant work that you put into your vlogs. We truly have some awesome students in our schools.

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