Area Students Shine at Regional Reading Fair

by Shelly Byrd

First through fourth grade students from area schools put their reading and comprehension skills to the test this week during the regional reading fair in the Literacy Center at Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative.

Prescott, Nevada, Blevins, Hope, Springhill, Lafayette, Genoa and Fouke were among the competing schools.

According to Literary Specialist, Mary Berry, in order to qualify students at some schools competed for awards in areas of fiction and nonfiction or fiction/nonfiction technology at their schools, with first, second and third places moving on to the co-op to show their smarts. Other schools chose three students at random or had volunteers from each grade to be a part of this year’s regional reading fair.

With books in hand, boards crafted carefully by the students and even costumes coordinated with their books , one by one they each gave a presentation to a panel of 10 different judges. Boards were judged on story elements, creativity, grammar and presentation.

Three winners were chosen in each category, as well as a student choice award where the students voted for their favorite.

First and second grades competed on Wednesday, third and fourth grades competed on Thursday. The winners are listed below:

First grade – Fiction – 1st place, Pinkalicious, Maicyn Yocom, Spring Hill; 2nd place, Pete The Cat and The Missing Buttons, Blaine Neel, Nevada; 3rd place, My Little Leg Grows Bigger, Liam Johnson, Nevada; Student Choice Award, Elf on a Shelf, Parker Apthorp, Hope.

First grade – Nonfiction- 1st place, Angel Fish, Ashley Jane Foster, Spring Hill; 2nd place, Puppies, Coy Cornelius, Nevada; 3rd place, Rocks and Minerals, Ryan Dillard, Nevada.

Second grade – Fiction -1st place, Zara the Starlight Fairy, Allison Townsend, Spring Hill; 2nd place, Good Work, Amelia Bedelia, A’Laysia Wilbon, Lafayette; 3rd place, The Lonely Lion, Avyn Broach, Spring Hill; Student Choice Award; Barbie a Perfect Christmas, Haley Dickerson, Prescott.

Second grade – Nonfiction- 1st place, My First Book of Baseball, Briggs Black, Spring Hill; 2nd place, Sea Turtles, Mary Benton Wilson, Spring Hill; 3rd place, All About Beagles, Haelyn Reynolds, Spring Hill.

Third grade – Fiction- 1st place, Charlotte’s Web, Hannah Moseley, Prescott; 2nd place, Hurricane Heroes in Texas, Annabeth Hunt, Nevada; 3rd place, Owl Diaries: Eva Sees a Ghost, Jade Joy, Spring Hill.

Third grade – Nonfiction – 1st place, Wild Ride Rodeo, Criss Langston, Nevada; 2nd place, Who was Albert Einstein, Benjamin Brooks, Fouke; 3rd place, Hunting Moose and Elk, Keldon Cambell, Spring Hill.

Third grade – Fiction Technology- 1st place, Race the Wild: Rain Forrest Relay, Ava Parker & Emery Carver, Genoa; 2nd place, Secret Coders, Tristan Engledon & Cooper Dial, Genoa; 3rd place, Finley Flowers: Original Recipe, Heidi Morris, Genoa.

Third grade – Nonfiction Technology – 1st place, Becoming Babe Ruth Brennan Yochum & Cash Olson, Genoa; 2nd place, I am Rosa Parks, Annie Reeves, Fouke; Student Choice Award, A Chair for Mother, Sekviah Reliford, Hope.

Fourth grade – Fiction – 1st place, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Getaway, Sloan Byrd, Spring Hill; 2nd place, The Dragon of Fortune, Knightly Porter, Spring Hill; 3rd place, Diary of a Wimpy, Ethan Curtis, Spring Hill; Student Choice Award, Charlotte’s Web, Clair Laughard, Prescott.

Fourth grade – Nonfiction – 1st place, Who was Blackbeard, Braxton Bobo, Spring Hill; 2nd place, What was D-Day, Skye Turner, Fouke; 3rd place, Who was George Washington, Levi Clayton, Spring Hill.

Fourth grade – Fiction Technology – 1st place, El Deafo, Natalie Spencer & Ken’Zyra Anderson, Lafayette; 2nd place, Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People, Trevaylon King, Nevada; 3rd place, Because of Winn Dixie, Sophia Hicks; Nevada.

Fourth grade – Nonfiction Technology – 1st place, Guts, Cheyenne Marlar, Nevada; Pumpkins Story, Gracie Hunt, Nevada; 3rd place, African Critters, Addie Ridling, Nevada.

Over the next week other grades will compete in the same manner at the Literacy Center at Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative.

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