Arkadelphia Board reads routine ordinances

By Stephen Yates for SWARK Today

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors met Tuesday, December 4 to read a series of ordinances and discuss the amendments to such ordinances before the pass. Among the ordinances heard and reviewed were the Mobile Food Vendor, Rezoning a Portion of Pine St., and an amendment concerning the Employee to Contract Services Ordinance.

After discussions and frustrations at the November 21 meeting, the board decided to amend the ordinance which allows employees of the city to do additional bid work for the city.

This was brought on after an individual was hired to do work for the city. However, unbeknown to Manager Brinkley, the person was a volunteer firefighter and the city hiring him broke a recent ordinance which specifically prevented this from happening. To correct this, as well as add in the services and contract of Able Lock Smith’s, the board amended the ordinance to compensate.

Contracts and Memorandums were also considered by the board for routine purposes as they do each year. Review of the agenda as well as video coverage for Tuesday night’s meeting is available at http://www.cityofarkadelphia.com/

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