Arkansas Game & Fish presents wildlife education at Hempstead County Library

Continuing their “Ocean of Possibilities” summer program, the team at the Hempstead County Library (HCL) had Arkansas Game & Fish as a guest today to present wildlife education to local children. The topic of today’s presentation pertained to reptiles, with fun facts and even a live king snake for the kiddos to see and hold. The children in attendance were fascinated with the reptile, and most were very excited for a chance to participate in the hands-on demonstration. A few were hesitant at first glance of the live snake, but by the end of the presentation, they, too, were eager to take a turn.

Ryan Vance, the presenter from Arkansas Game & Fish Wildlife Education, said events like these were one of the highlights of his job. “I want the kids to learn about reptiles and not be afraid,” Vance said. “I enjoy teaching the kids about wildlife and things they might not get to see anywhere else.” Vance said he also teaches some groups about turkey hunting. Since there are fewer turkey hunters these days, many kids don’t know much about the topic. He said, “If just one kid takes something away from a lesson and later asks about it? My job is complete.”

The Arkansas Game & Fish will return to the Hempstead County Library on July 18 for another demonstration. The following is the complete list of the remainder of events for the summer program “Ocean of Possibilities.”

July 18 at 2:00pm – Arkansas Game & Fish

July 19 at 2:00 pm – Bright Star Theatre

July 28 at 1:00 pm – Magic Mr. Nick with a Foam Party to follow at 2:00pm

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