Arrest for Assault Sends Man to Hospital, Then Jail

A call for a domestic disturbance in the 300 block of North Elm St. Sunday sent the suspect to the hospital after law enforcement reportedly had to use force to take him in to custody.

Officers from the Hope Police Department were dispatched for a domestic disturbance at around 1:35 p.m. Sunday, March 1. They arrived on scene and reportedly had to use force to take Ricardo Mazanares, 29, of Hope, AR, into custody after, according to witnesses, a female at the residence told them that he punched her multiple times. Manzanares was apparently knocked unconscious in the process of being subdued and was transported to the hospital before being taken to jail.

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According to witnesses who were with him at the time, Manzanares picked them up in Texarkana after offering them a job. They said he brought them to the residence on North Elm, where they were supposed to stay the night and then ride with him to the job Monday morning. They said that when they arrived at the residence, Manzanares went inside and yelling was heard, though they couldn’t understand what was said since they don’t speak Spanish. The witnesses said that a female came out of the house and pointed to her face and said Manzanares had hit her. They said officers arrived on scene almost immediately after. According to them, when the woman told the officers that Manzanares had punched her, the officers tried to get Manzanares to submit to arrest but he started acting “froggy” and didn’t comply. They said things became physical between Manzanares and the officers, who quickly subdued him.

Manzanares was apparently injured and rendered unconscious during the arrest. Officers requested Pafford be dispatched and that they hurry. One officer had obvious abrasions on his arms and head from the confrontation with Manzanares but did not appear to have any serious injuries.

When Pafford arrived on scene, the Hope officers and a Game & Fish officer, who was on scene to assist, helped the Pafford crew pick Manzanares up off the ground and place him on the cot to be moved to the waiting ambulance. An officer rode with the Pafford crew, at their request, and Manzanares was transported to the Emergency Room at Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope. He remained there and was checked out before being transported to the Hempstead County Detention Facility by a Hempstead County Deputy.

Manzanares was booked for aggravated assault on a family member, domestic battery 2nd degree, two counts of domestic battery 3rd degree and resisting arrest.

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