Announcing the 2023 Watermelon Festival Pageant Winners
Introducing your 2023 Hope Watermelon Festival Pageant Winners. Each division's Most Photogenic, First Runner-Up and Winner will be listed below. Congratulations to the winners.

Baby Miss Watermelon (0-11 months)
Photogenic: Mila Kate Mounts
First Runner-Up: Whittyn Monroe Pennington
WINNER: Jayney Erving

Baby Mister Watermelon (0-11 months)
Photogenic: Julious Thompson Miller
First Runner-Up: Miguel Martinez
WINNER: Julious Thompson Miller

Toddler Miss Watermelon (12-23 months)
Photogenic: Mylee Kae Adams
First Runner-Up: Shiloh Harris
WINNER: A'Liya Ross

Tiny Miss Watermelon (2-4 years)
Photogenic: Delannie Michelle Waldrop
First Runner-Up: Aaliyah LaShae Alexander
WINNER: Mariah Washington

Tiny Mister Watermelon (2-4 years)
Photogenic:Edward Allen Fortner
WINNER: Edward Allen Fortner

Little Miss Watermelon (5-8 years)
Photogenic: Kenzlyn Sorrells
First Runner-Up: Natalie Brooke Otis
WINNER: Piper Danielle Burns

Little Mister Watermelon (5-8 years)
Photogenic: Jonathan DeWayne Vaught
WINNER:Jonathan DeWayne Vaught

Young Miss Watermelon (9-12 years)
Photogenic: Kenzi Burns
First Runner-Up: Kenzi Burns
WINNER: Felicity Shyanne McKenzie

Junior Miss Watermelon (13-15 years)
Photogenic: Braelei Isabella Collums
First Runner-Up:Braelei Isabella Collums
WINNER: Madalyne Chloe MacLaughlin

2023 Miss Watermelon (16-18 years)
Photogenic: Kristina Roxane McKenzie
First Runner-Up:Kristina Roxane McKenzie
WINNER: Ari Juanes

Photos of each contestant to come later. Check back here for updates.