Bancorp South Provides Hospitality at Hope Farmers' Market

Bancorp South joined Hope Farmers' Market at the Hub this morning to host the Hospitality Table. Bancorp representatives brought treats for market patrons and spent time visiting with local citizens, as well as the farmers and vendors in attendance. "We've always been a community partner so we're happy to host the table and see people as they have come to the market," said Bancorp Vice President Kim Hollis. "It's nice to have a chance to support something as good for the community as Farmer's Market."

Farmers and vendors in attendance today were Arnold Farms, Salinas Farms, Solomon Farms, and Silvey Farms, in addition to the Mint Man, Farm on the Hill, and Young Sprouts. Despite the harmful heat on crops lately, some of these market regulars are still bringing fresh, locally-grown produce to area residents, as well as homemade wares and goods.

The Hope Farmers' Market takes place every Tuesday from 7am to 11am in downtown Hope at the Hub.