Bobcat Clinic At Farmers’ Market, Plus Tomatoes!

The tomatoes are here! Each week as the Hope Farmers’ Market has grown and the crowd of vendors and customers multiplied, a common question was asked by many. “Do you have tomatoes?” Unfortunately, it was too early in the season … until today!! This morning brought the first appearance of tomatoes and they were sold out within 15 minutes! There were still plenty of fresh produce (even some scrumptious blackberries), baked goods, and homemade products to choose from with a wide selection from Sandy Creek Farms, Farm on the Hill, Carolyn’s Kitchen, Salinas Farms, Silvey Farms, Young Sprouts, Hannah’s Berries, Marilyn’s Plants, Bright Farms, Heirlooms Farms, and the Mint Man. This week’s hospitality table was hosted by the Bobcat Clinic. The ladies from the clinic had an array of goodies and treats, plus hot coffee. Gretchen Carlton, the Bobcat Clinic Coordinator, shared with SWARK.Today the staff’s experience with the Farmer’s Market this week. Carlton said, “We are so excited to be here! We enjoy any opportunity to work with the community and we’ve had a wonderful time meeting and visiting with all the people at the Farmer’s Market.”

Hope Farmers’ Market will be back next week and if anyone wants tomatoes, get there early when they open at 7am! The Hope Farmers’ Market gathers every Tuesday morning from 7am to 11am at the Hub in downtown Hope.