Employees of the Year Named at City of Prescott Christmas Party

Prescott's 2021 City Employees of the Year

The Potlatch building at the Nevada County Fairgrounds was full of holiday joy and heartfelt appreciation as the City of Prescott held it's annual Christmas luncheon today. A potluck with an ample spread of food was laid out with homemade casseroles, chicken, pizza, Fore of A Kind ribs, finger foods, and loads of sweets. As the dining came to a close, Mayor Terry Oliver began the ceremony by taking a moment to commemorate the late Bill Hubbard, and participants joined him in a moment of silence.

A small recap of 2021 followed with a warm word of gratitude from Oliver to the city employees where he expressed his pride and appreciation for everyone's dedication and hard work this year. "I'm just as proud of you as I was 11 years ago when I started this," Oliver told the group. Then, a drawing of door prizes was held for the visitors, adding more holiday cheer to the event. Gift cards, home decor, a ham, and a wallet were a few of the charming holiday gifts donated by Terry and Julie Oliver which allowed guests to participate in the festivities, as well.

Soon after, Mayor Oliver announced this year's City Employee of the Year was going to be a little different. Instead of announcing one Employee of the Year, the person who received the most votes from fellow workers and colleagues, he was going to announce the top eight city employees with the most votes. The City of Prescott's top eight Employees of the Year are as follows:

#8 - Pookie Dillard (Electric Department)
#7 - Chris Hopper (Sanitation/Street Department - Superintendent)
#6 - Bruce Bean (Prescott City Hall)
#5 - Brian Jordan (Street Department)
#4 - Tammie Rose (Police Department)
#3 - Jake Cornelius (Electric Department - Superintendent)
#2 - Essence Jordan (Prescott City Hall)
#1 - Ann Jordan (Police Department- Chief)

The close to the celebration was a drawing for the city employees' prizes. All city employees' names were entered into the drawing with the prizes ranging between one business day to an extra week's vacation. Participants were thrilled with the gifts and much excitement filled the room.

Mayor Oliver shared with the crowd his anticipation of the new year and his confidence that 2022 would be another successful endeavor for the City of Prescott.

  • Chief Ann Jordan, with Mayor Terry Oliver

  • Prescott's 2021 City Employees of the Year