Wed August 02, 2023

By Bren Yocom

Finding Answers to Life's Problems

It is part of my job to help people navigate the chaos of life, the challenges of our own sin and the hopelessness of death. I meet, visit, pray with, and counsel people in these situations on a daily basis. Some people ask why their lives are falling apart. More want to know how devastating the effects of their own sin is in their lives. And most want to find out what happens when we die. This last one, especially, scares people. For the most part, we live our lives isolated from why’s, how’s and what’s until something happens to draw us in. A car wreck, a severe health diagnosis, the death of a child, marriage trouble, the loss of a job…any of these can lead to questions about the meaning of life and how we can survive its chaos.

My short answer to any of these problems is Jesus. It always amazes me how someone can be desperate, come to me with questions about the meaning of life and then leave frustrated with my answer. People want step by step solutions. They want someone to look at their problems and tell them exactly what needs to be done to get out. Some problems can be handled this way. Debt can be slowly stepped away from. Job loss can be handled with the finding of a new job. Even serious health concerns can be answered with medication, diet and exercise. But these situations only cover a piece of the problem. The real problem lies within us; in the heart. And the real answer must be more than the info found in an instruction manual.

The heart can’t just be fixed. The root of our problems is deep. The reason death is so scary is because we can’t do anything to fix ourselves. A faith answer is the only real solution to the things that plague us. So, when I ask “How’s your faith?” what I mean is “How are you doing finding answers to the problems we all face?” The answer is really simple. Either you are struggling or you aren’t. If you are doing well, then get after it. Life is good and I hope it gets even better! If you are struggling, don’t keep looking for answers in the wrong places. Don’t take the pill promising instant relief. Don’t sign up for the seminar that will solve all your problems. Don’t listen to the motivational speaker who says everything that’s needed to fix your problems is already inside you.

You aren’t a refrigerator or a car. You can’t be fixed even with a detailed instruction guide. You and I are wired differently than any other thing in existence on this planet. Debt consolidation, surgery or marriage counseling can’t fix what’s wrong with us. Our hearts must be addressed. Jesus is the only one who can do this. Why would you turn away from the only one who can offer you hope?

Some people argue about Jesus’ existence. “He wasn’t a real guy and if he was, he certainly wasn’t God’s Son.” We have more historical record for the existence of Jesus than many other historical figures we accept as true and real. As far as Jesus being God, the resurrection kind of solved that question. The fact that all the prophecies in the Bible pointed to Jesus as the risen Messiah and then He fulfilled every single one of them, settles the issue of Jesus being God. If Jesus is God, then He is good. If He is good and able to give purpose and hope to your life, He will. The only thing that stands in between you and a purposed-filled life is YOU.

For years I wrestled with questions like “What if I’m doing this wrong?” or “What if God doesn’t answer me like He answers others?” These questions are pointless. I’m not God and neither are you. He has revealed all that needed for us to pursue and find Him. If there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing, He would have shown that to us a long time ago. We have everything we need to seek God. Don’t let doubt and worry get in your way. God has made it possible for you to have peace and purpose today. Ask Him for it. Would you really let something like prayer stand in the way of a mended, restored life? I hear guys say “I don’t pray.” or “Why would I read the Bible?” The answer is simple. Those are the ways God shows Himself to us. I can’t say it enough: cry out to God! Open a Bible and ask God to show Himself to you! He’s not a magician or Mother Goose. Wait on Him and look for His response.

If you have questions about your purpose in life or the peace you want and can’t seem to find, Jesus is the answer. If you want to know more, there are any number of people who know Him in your town right now. Find a Church and talk to one of them. They would love to speak with you, I promise. Whatever you do, ask for help. Don’t just assume no one sees and no one wants to know. God sees and knows. Seek Him and discover the difference.