Wed June 05, 2024

By Shelly B Short

First Presbyterian Church hosts Chamber Community Coffee
First Presbyterian Church had a great turnout this morning as it hosted this week’s Chamber Community Coffee.

The ladies of First Presbyterian went all out on the food, providing guests with a spread which allowed them to choose from sweet treats, savory snacks, or fresh fruit all in individualized to-go containers.

Cherry Stewert, a member of First Presbyterian and one of the organizers of today’s function, said she and the rest of the congregation were thrilled to host this week’s Chamber Community Coffee. 

“We've always enjoyed doing things like this with the community. It's our way of sharing our church and showing what we're proud of while also getting to feed people. Our community is a share community so this is another way that we can share the care of communication, togetherness, thankfulness, and goodness,” Steward said. 

Overall, it was a great morning at First Presbyterian Church. They know how to please a crowd and put on a good Community Coffee.