Mon September 11, 2023

By Jeff Smithpeters

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Garrett Memorial Christian School Leos bring in new members, initiate officers at Lions Meeting

Lions Club Leo Club Garrett Memorial Christian School Claudia Griffin Evan Chambless
Garrett Memorial Christian School Leos bring in new members, initiate officers at Lions Meeting
Photo above: The new members of the Garrett Memorial School's Leo Club display certificates at the Monday Hope Lions Club meeting.

Twelve new members of Garrett Memorial Christian School’s Leo Club were inducted in a ceremony during Monday’s regular meeting of the Hope Lions Club and nine officers were apprised of their duties. 

They took their vows, held up their certificates and were greeted warmly by Lions members. 

The board members and officers of the GMCS Leo Club were also featured in the meeting, being advised of their duties by Lions Past President Claudia Griffin as Lions sponsors of the Leo Club, Karen Smith, Josie Carlton, Debbie Marsh and Mark Ross stood by. Faculty advisors Richard Allen and Beth Lloyd were also present. 

Leo Club President Evan Chambless, introduced by Ross, gave a report on what the GCMCS Leos have been up to recently, “We've helped with many events, including multiple fish fries, Constitution Day, the [Christmas] auction, the city wide clean-up.  A couple of us tried to get out there and help the Fall Festival in Emmet, as well as the Fall Festival at our school. And then at the moment, we're looking for different fundraisers and projects of our own. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.” 

The Leos received a standing ovation from the Lions in attendance. 

Then 12 new members were inducted. After that, the Leo board and officers were brought to the front and advised of their duties by Griffin. 

The officers are: 

President: Evan Chambless 

Vice President: Abigail Murphy 

Treasurer: Mikayla Fields 

Secretary: Isabella Wood 

Chaplain: Meridith Perkison 

Photographer: Baylee Pogue 

Board members: Addy Peek, Abbi Brewer and Madison Faulkner 

New members who received their certificates at the meeting: 

Abbi Brewer, Ella Eskridge, Rose Eskridge, Madison Faulkner, Kynlee Glass, Kaitlyn Holland, Silbi Jones, Jazmin Ledezma, Miley Loe, Kayla Morroquin, Victoria Mitchell, Isabella Wood. 

IMG_20230911_122512830.jpg 2.62 MB
GMCS Leo Club President Evan Chambless reports on the Leo Club's activities.
IMG_20230911_123039763.jpg 2.63 MB

Newly inducted members of the GCMS Leo Club.

IMG_20230911_123802710.jpg 2.49 MB

This year's GMCS Leo Club officers.