Fri March 29, 2024

By April Lovette


Heather Manor hosts some egg-hunting fun for the Easter holiday

Heather Manor Easter Egg Hunt Stacey Clay
Heather Manor hosts some egg-hunting fun for the Easter holiday
Those driving down 29 south this afternoon might have wondered why a blurry swirl of pinks, blues, and greens could be seen zipping all over the Heather Manor Nursing & Rehablitation Center lawn. What they were witnesing was pure excitement and joy from some local kiddos who were participating in the annual Heather Manor Easter Egg Hunt, and in typical egg-hunt fashion, it was a race to finish. In the attempt to find one of the golden eggs that were hidden in the mix, the youth in attendance ran as fast as their little legs could carry, with their moms and dads trailing behind to keep up and try to snap a quick photo. 

Their delighted giggles and exuberant squeals were the soundtrack to an event that held more than just the hunt. The Easter Bunny was on the scene, too, adding more fun to the festive occasion. But even he couldnt quite compete with the petting zoo that had real-life goats, miniature ponies, and a bunny. Also, food and drink was provided so all could participate in an afternoon picnic after the hunt. 

The event was open to not only the families of Heather Manor residents, but also the entire community. "Our residents love seeing the kids have a good time so it's a fun, enjoyable event for our residents, their families, and the whole community," Stacey Clay, Heather Manor Administrator said. 

Emily, 8, and Jax, 5, were two of the tiny hunters who found a golden egg, and they both said they were so excited to receive the Easter Basket prize filled with toys and goodies. 6.79 MB 1.46 MB