Fri June 23, 2023

By Shelly B Short


Hope Baking Company expanding with potential for new employees

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Hope Baking Company expanding with potential for new employees

This morning Hope Water and Light was on scene at Hope Baking Company to install a new 2500 KVA transformer. The bakery was originally running a 1500 KVA transformer that supplied power to the entire plant. Replacing the transformer will allow them to install their new bread toasting line which should be up and operational within 30-45 days.

General Manager, Jeff McCarroll is very excited about this expansion, saying, "The line is already here, we need to add conveyors and should be operational within the next six weeks. This additional line will allow us to increase our workforce by potentially 75 new employees."

McCarroll deals with a multitude of electric companies across the country and expressed extreme gratitude to Hope Water and Light for responding quickly and assisting with getting the new transformer installed.

"Hope Baking Company is proud to be a part of growing our community and bringing new jobs to the people of Hope and Hempstead County," McCarroll said.