Tue March 02, 2021

By Dillan Kelsey


Hope City Board Discusses Klipsch Museum Rent, HPS Legion Field & Sanitation Rates

Hope City Board City Board Board Meeting Hope City Board Meeting
Hope City Board Discusses Klipsch Museum Rent, HPS Legion Field & Sanitation Rates

The Hope City Board met March 3, Tuesday afternoon at 7PM. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Don Still and the invocation and pledge followed.

The board voted to approve the minutes from their last regular meeting.

City Manager Catherine Cook shared information on this topic saying "I received a request from the Klipsch Museum of Audio History for rebate of the $50/month rent that they pay for using the building that is located on the east side of the hangar building." Cook added that there is a significant amount of leaking going on in the building they are renting. Quotes were taken in January and accepted a proposal from Hostetler roofing to replace the roof. The estimated cost is $15,753.80 and the project is currently scheduled for the last week of April. "I have offered the museum a room in the airport hangar if some materials need to be moved there until the roof can be replaced," Cook shared. The board made a motion and approved the request of not charging rent until the building is complete.

HPS District had offered to over see maintenance and upkeep of Legion Field to better help the renewal of the field for the Bobcat Baseball team. "We have visited about this with the idea of drawing up a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Hope Public School District and the City of Hope," Cook stated. A representative from the School District will attend the Board meeting on Tuesday evening to answer any questions from the School District side. It was said the field would be priority scheduled for team games and practices and would still be available for use at other times for other leagues and tournaments authorized by the City of Hope. No action was taken by the board.

After statewide research was done by the board reviewing sanitation rates, the average rate of the cities surveyed was between $10.50 and $38.25. Assistant City Manager, JR Wilson presented on this topic. The current fee for the City's basic service including 2 pick-ups per week, limb and leaf removal, per house-hold is $15.30. No action was taken by the board.

Cook shared that construction on the box culvert has been delayed due to our unfortunate weather conditions recently. But the project will keep moving as long as the weather allows it. The project is estimated to be completed in or around April.

Cook shared a couple of updates in her manager's report saying that certain facilities within the Fair Park would be re-opening soon. She also advised for discussion about ways to help people stay informed on how and where to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. The meeting was adjourned and they will reconvene next month for their regular meeting.