Hope Downtown Network joins Hope Farmers' Market; vendor grandchildren lend a hand

Hope Downtown Network(HDN) joined the Hope Farmers' Market this morning by hosting the Hospitality Table, providing snacks and refreshments for market patrons, in addition to information about their organization. HDN President Emeritus John Sitzes said he and fellow members were thrilled to be at the market today. “We are so glad to be here today to support our local farmers and vendors,” Sitzes said. “Hope Farmers’ Market does an excellent job of bringing people downtown, and part of the HDN mission is to support downtown business revitalization and historic preservation. We're all on the same team."

Also on the scene today were a few youthful helpers, there to lend a hand to their grandparents who are regulars at the market. Willow and Olive Davis were there to support their papa and gran of Papa's Honey, and Wyatt Arnold was there to help out his grandpa from Arnold Farms. All three kiddos shared the same sentiment that one of the fun things about being at Farmers' Market was getting to meet new people.

Others in attendance today were Silvey Farms, VC Farms, Solomon Farms, Hannah's Berries, Reynolds Farm and Salinas Farms with their locally-grown fresh produce. The Mint Man was present with his mint plants, as was Farm on the Hill with locally-raised fresh beef, Young Sprouts with fresh cut flowers and plants, Aunt Fern with her fried pies, and Carolyn's Kitchen with baked goods. All the vendors also sell a variety of canned goods and other homemade wares.

Next week's host at Hope Farmers' Market will be CADC at the Hub in downtown Hope from 7am to 11am.