Tue August 16, 2022

By April Lovette

Hope Farmers' Market closes season, but fresh produce still available

The Hope Farmers' Market held its last market of the season at the Hub today, but it's not a farewell till next year, just next week. Market Manager Deanna Gilbert said area residents will still be able to find locally-grown, fresh produce on occasion. "Our season officially closed today, but there will still be opportunities for local citizens to get fresh fruit and vegetables," Gilbert said. "Sometimes we will have farmers or vendors here on a Tuesday morning with their produce and wares, and we will also have the occasional evening market, probably Thursdays." Gilbert said the best way for anyone to know when these farmers and vendors will be available is to check out the Hope Farmers' Market Facebook page for updates, times, and locations.

When asked for final thoughts regarding this season of the Hope Farmers' Market, Gilbert replied, "It's been exciting!" She elaborated further by saying, "We've had a great season with many new vendors, the addition of items that could be sold like jarred pickles and salsa, plus the addition of health and educational booths to the market. We were able to give market patrons a larger, wider variety, and we hope to expand even further next year."

In attendance for the last day of the season were Farm on the Hill, Silvey Farms, Solomon Farms, Arnold Farms, Young Sprouts, and the Mint-Man. Some of these vendors supported Gilbert's statement by saying they wold be available on occasion to still sell their produce and wares, even next week.

All info about upcoming dates and times for finding fresh produce can be found at the Hope Farmers' Market Facebook page.