Hope Farmers’ Market: HAPS EAST Students Shine

EAST Teacher Jackie Brady with students Julia Bobo and Jorgia Coffee at the Hospitality Table

The Hope Farmers’ Market had another successful morning at the Hub today. Despite the windy weather, plenty of patrons showed to shop locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, honey, eggs, homemade wares and much more. Aunt Fern was sold out of her fried pies within two hours! The Mint Man was back with his fresh mint plants and mint-themed baked goods. Some vendors had unique items like the Bright Family Farm’s crocheted rugs and the Solomon’s Farm’s bath products. Heirloom Farms, Salinas Farms, Arnold Farms, Silvey Farm, and Young Sprouts were also present with their green goods ready to go. 

This week's Hospitality Table was sponsored by the HAPS EAST Lab providing hot coffee and HAPS mementos, while also giving away purple hyacinths to patrons. The EAST Lab students also had a vendor table this week, sponsored by Coffee Family Dental, selling basil, lavender, okra, and tomato plants. Students grew these plants themselves, beginning in January with the seeds and nurturing them under grow lights in the classroom for the last few months. EAST teacher Jackie Brady shared with SWARK.Today her appreciation for the students’ hard work and Master Gardeners’ assistance in instruction. “These are really smart, creative students,” said Brady. “Master Gardeners, who is a great program partner, came in and helped the students with projects like the indoor plants and outside garden, and also assisted with funding by helping them apply for grants.” The hard work paid off because Julia Bobo and Jorgia Coffee, the students representing the HAPS EAST vendor booth, were the first to sell their entire stock this morning! The girls witnessed first-hand the reward gained after months of hard work.

The Hope Farmers’ Market is held at the Hub in downtown Hope every Tuesday morning from 7am to 11am. Stop by to get those fresh veggies, grab a cup of coffee at the Hospitality Table, or just to say a quick hello to the volunteers, patrons and vendors working together to provide local, fresh food to Hope and Hempstead County. Announcements for upcoming products and vendors can be found each week at Hope Farmers' Market Facebook Page.

HAPS EAST Students Jorgia and Julia in front of the veggie plants they grew in the classroom

Photos courtesy of Jodi Coffee