Tue July 21, 2020

By Shelly B Short


Hope Nutrition Stirs it up With New Tea Bar

Hope Nutrition Stirs it up With New Tea Bar
Hope Nutrition has added a tea bar to their already full service shake and tea station. They have extended the bar 50x85x16; you can now sit at the bar and watch your full meal shakes or clean caffeine teas be prepared by your favorite local mixologists.

The bar was built and designed by Jessie Ingersoll, who started the project in June and completed it in less than a month. He built the bar as a courtesy of growth and as a member of our amazing community. "I just love building things and helping others especially with all that's going on with COVID, I was pleased just to be able to help," Ingersoll said when asked about building the bar.

Sean Bittle, of Hope Nutrition said, "This is amazing how we, as a community come together, Jessie building the bar as a gesture of growth, being able to share that gesture and Hope Nutrition's dedication to keeping our community happy, healthy and strong."

Hope Nutrition will hold a grand opening on August 3, 2020 where they will announce new improved hours with their good nutrition on the go. They are located at 222 N Hervey St in Hope.