Hope Public Schools Superintendent responds to Arkansas School Report Card grades
After the results of the 2022-23 Arkansas School Report Card were released last week for all the state's public schools, showing Clinton Primary, Beryl Henry Elementary, Yerger Junior High and Hope High School with D ratings and Hope Academy of Public Service with a B, Superintendent of Hope Public Schools Jonathan Crossley was contacted for his response. 

He addressed the grades as well as the internal reporting that was provided with them. His statement is published here in its entirety:

"The Hope Public School District is making progress. We have bright spots of growth across the entire district. Clinton Primary school grew multiple points on the ESSA [Every Student Succeeds Act] index and raised a letter grade from the previous year. English scores on that campus rose five percentage points, and Reading scores at Hope High School are up nine percentage points.

"We’ve seen Math improvements as well. High school scores grew four percentage points, Beryl Henry saw an average growth of five percentage points, Yerger increased seven percentage points, and Clinton Primary is up 17 percentage points compared to last year. Not only does HAPS have a B, but the campus is only two points away from earning an A rating.

"Four of our campuses have already been highlighted as high growth campuses for the southwest region of Arkansas or statewide. Clinton Primary also grew more than three points on the ESSA School Index. Additionally, our English learners outperform the state average on growth by five points in the state accountability system.

"Students in Hope are more likely to pass all courses their freshman year compared to students in the average district in the state. As for graduation rate, Hope Public Schools ranks four points above the state average. With an intense focus on instruction for all students, we are making gains."

SWARK.Today has reached out to other school superintendents in the Hempstead Nevada area for comments on their Arkansas School Report Card grades. They have not yet responded, but the grades for the area's respective schools are provided here:

Hope Public Schools:

William Jefferson Clinton Primary B

Beryl Henry Elementary D

Yerger Junior High D

Hope High School D

Prescott Public Schools:

Prescott Elementary D

Prescott Jr High D

Prescott High D

Blevins Public Schools:

Randy Hughes Elementary F

Blevins High C

Nevada Public Schools:

Nevada Elementary D

Nevada High D

Spring Hill Public Schools:

Spring Hill Elementary C

Spring Hill High C