Sun January 19, 2020

By Dillan Kelsey


Local Students Compete at Reading Fair

Reading Fair
Local Students Compete at Reading Fair
Fifth through twelfth grade students from area schools put their reading and creativity skills to the test this week during the regional reading fair in the Literacy Center at Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative.

According to Literary Specialist, Mary Berry, in order to qualify students at some schools competed for awards in areas of fiction and nonfiction or fiction/nonfiction technology at their schools, with first, second and third places moving on to the co-op to show their smarts. Other schools chose three students at random or had volunteers from each grade to be a part of this year’s regional reading fair.

Prescott, Nevada, Blevins, Hope, Springhill, Lafayette, Genoa and Fouke were among the competing schools. 

Three winners were chosen in each category, as well as a student choice award where the students voted for their favorite. 

Fifth and sixth grade competed on Tuesday, January 14th, seventh through twelfth grades competed on Wednesday, January 15th. The winners are listed below:

5th Grade

Fiction - 1st Place, Jaxon Hinton. 2nd Place, Zette Brown. 3rd Place, Reid Casey. Student Choice, Reid Casey.

Nonfiction - 1st Place, Wes Cornelius. 2nd Place, Linley Bingham. 3rd Place, Reese Hughey.

Fiction Tech - 1st Place, J.D. Barnes.

6th Grade

Fiction - 1st Place, Zoey Myers. 2nd Place, Elizabeth Dillard. 3rd Place, Casey Teague. Students Choice, Cohen Ratcliff.

Nonfiction - 1st Place, Cedarius Miller & Jayvian Johnson. 2nd Place, Carly Foster. 3rd Place, Layla Cantwell.

Fiction Tech - 1st Place, Chris King. 2nd Place, Payten Brown. 3rd Place, Jacorian Rodgers.

Nonfiction Tech - 1st Place, Layla Cullipher. 2nd Place, Dalton Stockton. 3rd Place, Ava McCoy.

7th Grade

Fiction - 1st, Grace Ashmore. 2nd, Kylee Ussery. 3rd, Trenton Hocutt.

Nonfiction - 1st, Trenton Hocutt. 2nd, Rhett Wiley. 3rd, Chandler Johnson.

Fiction Tech - 1st, Emma Allen. 2nd, Erin Spears. 3rd, Alexis Higgins.

8th Grade

Fiction - 1st, Jasmine Lee. 2nd, Cooper Plyler. 3rd, Cameron Gordon. Student’s Choice, Cooper Plyler.

Nonfiction - 1st, Zoe Parsons.

Fiction Tech - 1st, trent Hammond & Reed Rothwell.

9th Grade

Fiction - 1st, Cameron Robinson. 2nd, Breanna Dillard. 3rd, Saniyah Walker. Students Choice, Breanna Dillard.

Fiction Tech - 1st, Zoe Adams. 2nd, Madison Williams. 3rd, Alexis Williams.

Nonfiction Tech - 1st, Camri Cox.

10th Grade

Fiction - 1st, Masie Maclaughin. 2nd, Ashanti Paden. 3rd & Students Choice, Krystal Vasquez.

Fiction Tech - 1st, Enrique Solis & Nixey Aguilar. 2nd, Julian Chapa & Chandler Flenory. 3rd, Zakarreya White & Maryana Perez.

Nonfiction Tech - 1st, Shakira Arnett. 2nd, Jordyn Simington & Alan Ronquillo.

11th Grade

Fiction - 1st & Students Choice, Mollie McBay.

12th Grade

Fiction - 1st & Students Choice, Keely Plyler.