Nevada County Business Policy Changes & Closings Due to COVID-19
This list of policy changes for Nevada County Businesses will be updated as more information becomes available.

City of Prescott - Trash pickup schedule for the City of Prescott has been changed to Monday and Thursday. Beginnning Monday, March 23, trash will be picked up on east and west sides and again on Thursday, March 26

Nevada County Courthouse - The Nevada County Courthouse will be closed at 10am Friday, March 20 for cleaning of the facility. Monday, March 23, ther courthouse will be closed to the public and entry is available by appointment only. Please call to conduct your business over the phone. For contact information, click HERE:

Farmers Bank & Trust: Effective March 18, Farmers Bank & Trust Bank lobbies will be available only by appointment for transactions that cannot occur by drive-thru, phone, or online except for the Texarkana St. Michael Drive lending offices, which will remain open. Access for customer safe deposit boxes will be available by appointment at any branch. We ask customers to call 855-855-3268 to schedule a time for a visit. Farmers Bank & Trust encourages customers to utilize all non-lobby based banking services when possible for the coming weeks. For more information, you may view their press release here:

Bank of Delight: Effective March 19, Bank of Delight lobbies will be available by appointment only. Please conduct business by phone, email, fax or drive thru. For more information, you may view their press release here:

Nevada County Library: The Nevada County Library has restricted public access to the building due to the outbreak. You can call the library at 870-887-5846 to tell them which books you would like to rent and they will meet you curbside to deliver the books to you. No late fees will be applied to anyones account for the time being until further notice. If you are in need of the printers at the library, you can contact a library associate to email them the documents you need printed, and they will print them and bring them outside to you. The library will be leaving on their free public WiFi 24/7 for anyone to use at this time. Call them at 870-887-5846 for any questions or concerns.

Hillcrest Care & Rehab: Hillcrest Care & Rehab will not be accepting visitors until further notice. Employees are screened daily for symptoms. For information, you may call 870-887-3811

Nevada County Farm Bureau: Nevada County Farm Bureau will not be allowing public access into their office. You can call and handle all your regular business over the phone. They will be serving you at their usual hours until further notice. Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Call 870-887-6621.

First Baptist Church of Prescott: FBC of Prescott will only be holding a Sunday morning services until further notice. Call 870-887-6696 for more information.

Effective March 20, 2020, Governor Asa Hutchinson has mandated that all restaurants close their dining rooms. Many of our local restaurants are offering, drive thru or curbside service, delivery and other alternatives. See below for information from each restaurant.

Ko-Fields: Ko-Fields diner will begin serving only through the drive-thru starting at 5pm today, March 19, 2020 until further decisions are announced. Call 870-887-8029 to place your pick-up order.

67 Gas & Grill: 67 G&G has closed their dining room. You can call in a TO-GO order and enter the restaurant to pick it up. They are also offering free delivery through the end of March.

Dalrymple Crain Public Accoutnants:
Dalrymple Crain will be operating in full swing until further information is given. If you do not want to come into their office and risk contamination, you can call 870-887-2313 and they will gladly work with you over the phone to the best of their ability. The DEADLINE for filing your taxes are still set for April 15, 2020. NOTICE: The DEADLINE for PAYMENT of FEDERAL taxes, has now been moved to July 15, 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19.