Tue February 08, 2022

By April Lovette

Nevada County Quorum Court: Updates and Line of Succession

The Nevada County Quorum Court met this evening for their February meeting, and with only two new business items on the agenda, a few important updates took center stage. 

Judge Mark Glass shared with members of the court that he met with Sheriff Martin yesterday and they picked out the spot for the new fuel tank which will be used for law enforcement vehicles. Judge Glass said having this tank and buying the fuel in bulk will save the county some money with their approximately 800 gallons-a-month fuel costs. The county will not have to purchase the tank since it will be furnished by the fuel company; they will only have to supply the electric pump and cable. JP Grimes shared that she also spoke with the sheriff recently about expenses, and he reported that they were doing well and the major cost right now is the food expense. 

In old business, Judge Glass also updated the Court on the Nubbin Hill Bridge project, saying a culvert had been built and that the company completing the construction can start bringing equipment to the site soon. He also said they still have to hold the pre-conference with the state department, but once that is completed then construction can begin. 

In new business, the Quorum Court approved the annual hot check report from the prosecuting attorney’s office and the line of succession for the Nevada County Quorum Court Judge and Sheriff. County Clerk Julie Oliver read the resolutions for the line of succession and explained these were precautions every county had to have in place. If something occurred and a judge or sheriff couldn’t uphold his or her duties, then the next person in the line of succession would stand in until an election could be held.

During Committee Reports, EDO Director Mary Godwin shared her annual report for 2021 and informed Quorum Court members that last week the EDO had received one of the COVID grants for which they had applied. This grant had a total sum of $21,426. Godwin also updated the group about the Crew Development Contest that the extension office and FFA program are planning for Friday. She said they are expecting approximately 700 students to attend this statewide competition and will include contests involving livestock, forest land, electricity, etc. She said Farm Credit is feeding the students and many community volunteers are also assisting with this endeavor. She says they are hoping this can become an annual event.  

Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hale ended the night with an update for the Court regarding the request from the cemetery association in Falcon. The association requested assistance with the section of the cemetery which is privately-owned but being used as public burial grounds. They say they maintain the upkeep of the cemetery but can’t make decisions like putting up a fence. Hale said there were avenues being explored which could allow the county to grant this space as public property, and by the next meeting he intends to have a resolution to the situation. 

The meeting was then adjourned.