Mon April 03, 2023

By April Lovette

PPD arrests eight, more to come after Cash Saver theft investigation

The Prescott Police Department (PPD) have arrested eight individuals so far after an investigation into theft from Cash Saver.

PPD Sergeant Casey Autry said that from November to December, around $50,000 was stolen from the store, by both employees and individual citizens, by not scanning all items during checkout. He said that these persons would only pretend to scan items which resulted in many items not being paid for. Autry said the investigation began in January with PPD Detective Joey Grayson and the prosecuting attorney's office, which resulted in the arrest today.

Charges range from Theft of Property to Theft by Receiving and more warrants are waiting to be served at this time. Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for further developments on this story.