Mon December 20, 2021

By April Lovette

Prescott Alumni Ben Hale Visits Students

The Prescott School District has many resources and one of its most valuable resources is its Curley Wolves alumni.  Last Friday, one of Prescott’s former valedictorians, Ben Hale, Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the State of Arkansas in Hempstead and Nevada Counties, returned to Pearl Bailey’s United States history class to discuss the value of the U.S. Constitution in our daily lives and to motivate the students to be good citizens first and to gain the knowledge needed to build a foundation for life after high school.

After Prescott High, Hale graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a BA in Economics. He went to law school at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and obtained his JD, passing his bar exam in February 2018.  Once sworn in, he was immediately hired by Christi McQueen, the elected Prosecuting Attorney, on June 1, 2018, where he has worked ever since.

Speaking from the vantage point of a lawyer, Hale stated the importance of remembering that the U.S. The Constitution is a document that has been in place for hundreds of years and, although not perfect, it can be amended, which it has been. During his visit, students were given opportunities in mock trials to play the roles of defendant, prosecutor, and juror.

Ben Hale also encouraged students to compete with each other in the classroom and to join extra-curricular clubs and teams to have well-balanced school lives.  He shared that being in student government, Quiz Bowl, and playing basketball and golf as a Curley Wolf taught him teamwork and the importance of others depending on you doing your part for a good team result.  He left the class with assurance that he cares about his community and that helping people, not gaining monetary rewards, is his primary goal in life.  Hale left Prescott High driving the same car he drove as a senior, with over 170, 000 miles on it, back to his job as Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the state of Arkansas.

Ben Hale is an alumnus who is living a life of service and is gracious enough to share his experiences with our Curley Wolves in an effort to encourage them to prepare for the future while students in the Prescott School District.

Pearl Bailey