ROC's Kids on the Go host an Independence Day themed Community Coffee
This morning's Community Coffee, hosted by ROC's Kids on the Go, honored the upcoming Fourth of July holiday and provided guests a plethora of red, white, and blue … plus, a great deal of cute. The decor, table settings, and even the punch all boasted colors of the flag while participants were treated to a sizable spread of finger foods, fruits, cupcakes, and other tasty treats. Guests were also able to ask questions about the Kids on the Go program from the children themselves, and these youngsters didn’t hesitate to share their favorite activities of this summer program. 

Nine-year-old Warren Hawthorne said he has enjoyed this summer with Kids on the Go, and when asked about his favorite activity of the program, his response was, “Going to the Main Event (in Little Rock) for the field trip.” 

Hudson Reed, age 4, said he thought that going to the movies to see Inside Out 2 was the most fun, but he also shared with the SWARK.Today reporter a very important fact about his summer. “I’m really excited that it’s almost my birthday,” Reed said.

Kali McClendon, age 11, agreed with the boys and said she also enjoyed the trips to the movies and the Main Event, but added another fun-filled activity to her list of favorites. “Going to the library,” she said. “We watched a clown.” 

As the reporter was finishing up asking questions of the children, six-year-old Remi Matthews said she really wanted to tell about her favorite part of the program, too. She said the best part was “seeing my favorite teachers that I love every day.”

Those teachers, the Kids on the Go program facilitators, are Jamya Rivera, Danielle Flemming, and Kelbi Campbell. The trio said they had a great group of kids and discussed why they were motivated to host this week’s Chamber Community Coffee. “We want to let people in the community know more about the Kids on the Go program and what we do,” Flemming said. “For example, a few weeks ago we had a bake sale and the kids raised over 1000 dollars to help with their field trips to places like the movies and the Main Event in Little Rock.”

Rivera elaborated further by saying, “A lot of kids spend too much time being inside on their phones and watching tv all summer, but this program helps them get out more, work on their social skills, do fun activities, and be more active in the community.” 

It would appear that the program is a success because the children all sat patiently when waiting on their turn to get in line for the Fourth of July buffet, they were all actively engaged in conversation with guests when asked questions, and not a single one of them held a phone or other electronic device during the Coffee. They all truly seemed to enjoy each other, their teachers, and being part of the ROC Kids on the Go program.