Mon August 16, 2021

By Shelly B Short

RoRo's She Shed & A Venue for You Hold Grand Opening
The old Potlatch Machine Shop that was once filled with workers wearing hard hats and punching time cards has now been transformed into an exquisite venue for all to enjoy. RoRo's She Shed & A Venue for You held their grand opening Friday, August 13 in Prescott. The structure in its entirety is a magnificent piece of art; from the entrance and throughout, the whole place is filled with eye catching pieces of craftsmanship.

Among many of the fascinating pieces of art is an alluring gear chandelier, created by Teresa Chandler, a retired art teacher from Nashville, Arkansas. "Karen came to me with the idea of what she wanted so I sat down, drew it out and I am pleased with the way it turned out," Chandler said.

Karen Ward has had a vision for the old plant for several years. "I would drive around this building over and over thinking what an amazing place it could be for the community," Ward said.

Ward addressed the citizens and thanked all who helped make her dream come to fruition. She named many people and spoke about their hard work, dedication and how very exciting it was to finally be open to the public and hold the grand opening.

Reigning Miss Arkansas, Whitney Williams was present, she shared with the awestruck crowd her love for the arts and how proud she was to be a part of the grand opening. The Arkansas Circus Arts of Little Rock performed with stunning young women on stilts and twirling hoops across the spacious area. There was gentleman twisting balloons for the children that lined up grinning and chattering about what type of animal balloon they might receive.

It was quite the sight; a tropical theme with a goldfish pond, a waterfall, a rock fireplace with a rock chiseled into the shape of the great state of Arkansas, the light fixtures, intricately designed, the tables, made of wood with captivating centerpieces; rustic intertwined with modern in every direction one could see.

Off to the left, a separate room where a bride could get wedding ready with her court. The space included a large elegant vanity for the bride, a charming four seat vanity for the bridesmaids, a lounge area and a bathroom fit for queens. The decor did not disappoint, per the rest of the venue, it was absolutely gorgeous.

The delicious food, courtesy of The Picket Fence, was laid out in a beautiful array in the center of the room. Cupcakes, cookies, cake and popcorn was served to guests, along with their choice of tea, pink lemonade and water.

RoRo's She Shed & A Venue for You will serve the community by hosting weddings, markets, reunions and private parties. Their first event will be September 4, 2021. The Venue is located at 303 Ozan Avenue in Prescott. To book an event visit their Facebook page HERE.