Wed October 11, 2023

By Press Release

Secretary of Arkansas Department of Education Visits Hope Schools
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HOPE, AR - Secretary of the Arkansas Department of Education Jacob Oliva visited the Hope Academy of Public Service (HAPS) and Clinton Primary School (CPS) campuses on October 11, 2023. His first stop was at HAPS where he talked with Principal Marilyn Marks about the HAPS program, the Magnet Grant opportunities and student achievement. Oliva stepped into several classrooms to talk with students as they worked on various projects or were listening to instruction. He spent time in Digital Broadcasting, Literacy, and Robotics, to name a few. In addition to speaking with students directly about their lessons, Oliva successfully moved blocks out of an enclosed space using a controller to drive a robot!

After receiving a HAPS Challenge Coin from Principal Marks, Oliva then travelled to Clinton Primary where he met with Principal Ashlea Stewart and Assistant Principal Pam Stone. While at Clinton, he spent time in several classrooms, talking with the elementary students during their lessons. He also spent some time in the cafeteria where students shook his hand and told him about their lunches. He talked with various staff members before moving on to visit with first grade teachers who were meeting to discuss programs and progress for the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET). Before ending his visit, he sat in Payton Jones' class to read "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to the delight of the students.

During his tour, Mr. Oliva and Dr. Crossley talked about student achievement, improvement of campuses on state reporting scores, and the future of education in Hope and throughout the state.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders appointed Jacob Oliva as secretary for the Arkansas Department of Education in January 2023. The State Board of Education also selected Oliva as commissioner of ADE’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.