Mon October 16, 2023

By Jeff Smithpeters

Shreveport television station reports body found at Tyson feed mill
This morning Shreveport's KSLA television is reporting, in a story by Rachael Thomas and Fred Gamble , on the finding of a body in a train car inside a quantity of corn feed.

The Hempstead County Sheriff's Department told KSLA that the body was found this morning at approximately 4:20 a.m. as workers were preparing to empty the train car at the Tyson feedmill located near Fulton. Apparently, an arm was seen in the corn.

According to the KSLA report, the body was in a decomposed condition and was removed and sent to the state crime lab for autopsy.

The Sheriff's Office reported the train car was empty when it left Mexico and would have been filled with corn in Missouri.

SWARK.Today has phoned the Hempstead Sheriff's Office but was unable to reach Sheriff James Singleton. As more details emerge, SWARK.Today will report them.