Wed February 26, 2020

By Shelly B Short

Stop, Shop, "Tea Drop"

Sean Bittle, owner of Hope Nutrition is bringing a spirit of togetherness and community to local businesses around town by creating what he calls a "Tea Drop." His goal for 2020 was to connect small businesses to other small businesses with the spirit of giving and he has definitely accomplished that.

It started at Diamond Bank, which was where the first "Tea Drop" was established. Diamond Bank then nominated another small business and it has continued each week since that time. In just six short weeks from business to business the idea of the "Tea Drop" is creating a buzz all over town.

When asked about the concept of the "Tea Drop" Bittle had this to say, "The whole concept of "Tea Drops" is I make a WOW Tea. I call the business the day before and say hey, you've been nominated or you've been selected, go to the small business and when I get there I either going to go live on Facebook or I am already live. So what that does is, Hope Nutrition already has over one thousand viewers on Facebook so whenever I post the live video those one thousand people get notified and are watching. So say I'm at a local business, Picket Fence for example, the people watching may think oh I didn't realize that was a florist, I thought it was a donuts shop like it was ten years ago. People are learning things that are evolving in Hope, Ar. just through following a nutrition page and vice versa, that small business is saying oh wow Hope Nutrition connected with them and I'm an advocate of Picket Fence, small businesses or whatever the case may be. So that creates also a following back towards me."

He went on to talk about how shocked he is how quickly this took off and how pleased he is with the connection it has created in the community with local small businesses.

Today Bittle made a "Tea Drop" at Elm Street Marketplace in downtown Hope. He made his special Island Sunrise Tea and hand delivered them to the surprised owners. The owners of Elm Street Marketplace were delighted at being chosen as they sipped their tea with smiles and commented on how wonderful the teas were.

It's all about connecting, giving back to the community and allowing each business to experience what other local businesses have to offer all wrapped up into a fancy cup of tea.

Stay tuned for the next "Tea Drop" on Facebook and stop by Hope Nutrition at 222 N. Hervey in Hope to get your daily dose of tea.