SWARK.Today provides hospitality at Hope Farmers’ Market
SWARK.Today joined the Hope Farmers' Market to host the Hospitality Table this morning and these SWARKansans brought a variety of sweet treats and refreshments for market patrons. SWARK's General Manger Bren Yocom said the news crew was thrilled to be at the market today. "We love doing things in the community that allow us to spend time and visit with our fellow citizens!" Yocom said. "Also, community partnerships are an integral facet of the SWARK.Today mission so we are excited to be here to support our local farmers and vendors."

Incuded in those farmers and vendors today were Reynold's Farm, Silvey Farms, Hannah's Berries, Solomon Farms, VC Farms, and Salinas Farms with locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Papa's Honey had his honey and pollen-themed products and Farm on the Hill had fresh beef products and cut-flowers. Joining the market were a few new vendors, as well. Keep it Simple had a variety of mixes like no-bake pies, soups, rubs, and dips, while Joshua Tree displayed homemade wooden wares like birdhouses and signs in addition to their plants (tomatoes, herbs, and more).

Hope Farmers' Market takes place each Tuesday morning at the Hub in downtown Hope from 7am to 11am. Join them next week as Pafford Medical Services hosts the Hospitality Table.